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Cleaning Your Mother

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BTown Clean LLC
NOW OFFERING Carpet Cleaning & Shampooing! 

With increasing demand for this service in Bloomington- we have no choice but to give the people what they want! Please call for details and pricing.

Spotless Package*                                                                                                          Call or Contact for Prices!                                                                                                                                                                        

A two-hour thorough cleaning of your home coordinated by a team of two of our professionally trained staff members. Includes the following services in each room (among others**):

Living Areas
Pile extra items in designated area. Dust top to bottom, using extendable duster for corners. Damp wipe window sills, baseboards and furniture. Clean mirrors, pictures, glass objects. Vaccum carpet or steam mop floor.

Dust top to bottom. Clean baseboards, window sills, furniture. Clean windows, mirrors, glass objects. Make bed and pillows. Vaccum carpet or steam mop floor.

Clean exterior of appliances, counters, cabinets, table and chairs. Clean, scrub and sanitize sinks. Clean and sanitize countertops. Clean the stove top, knobs, drip pans and refrigerator top and exterior. Clean microwave oven inside and out. Sweep and steam mop floor. 

Clean, scrub and sanitize showers, bathtubs and sinks. Clean and sanitize toilets. Clean mirrors. Polish chrome. Mop floors and clean tile walls. Deodorize.

Spotless Plus***                                                                                                                                             Call or Contact for Prices!                                                                                                                                                                                           

We will provide you with an extremely thorough three-hour cleaning, including everything in our Spotless package, plus an extra hour of TLC by two of our professionally trained cleaners while you prepare for the day ahead.

Please call for a Free Estimate!​

*We cannot and do not guarantee, promise, or suggest that we can finish your entire residence in the allotted time frame. This mostly depends on condition, size and complexity of residence. Also, please be aware there will be a $40 cancellation fee assessed if an appointment is cancelled without a 48 hour notice. We appreciate your advance notice.

**For additional services, check our Services tab. If our team doesn't provide a particular service or package that you would like, we may be able to tailor one more suited to your needs. Just ask.